Nothing Much
I don't update much.

First post in like forever... I have a story idea!
This is actually just a straight copy paste from my Tumblr.

A story idea...
I wrote half of this while having a Misophonia related insomnia filled night of shittyness. The other half I wrote on the bus on the way home.
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As you can see I have not been Simming...

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Helps? Please, maybe?
Soooo I own all of The Sims 2, but must of my CDs got ruined recently and I can't even get the reg numbers or anything. Very depressing! I would really like to play again. Does anyone know where I can find a good download? I checked the various torrent sites and everything is either incomplete or of dubious quality.

I'm an addict and I need my fix...

Thinking about installing The Sims 3...

Does anyone know where I can find a up-to-date graphics card compatibility list for Sims 3? Or knows how well the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT will run the game with all expansion packs.


Maxis Taste Dare #30 "I Do" (Ajay Loner and Erin Beaker)
My entry for the month, I really enjoyed teaching myself how to pose for a story, of sorts.
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GOS Good Genes Challange
This is my result.


I made him available to upload here.

I'm loving the results of the challenge, might do a second entry.


What Sims 2 Aspiration Are You?
Knowledge You've probably been called 'weird' at least once in your life. Okay, probably much more often than that. But you can't help it. You want to know anything about everything, and everything about anything. You crave new experience and wisdom more than anything else. You're likely very imaginative, if a bit... eccentric. Many of the things other people fear are things you want to experience first-hand, just for the novelty of it, and to glean what wisdom you can. Much of your life revolves around your experience and your knowledge, and there's no doubt you spend a great deal of time simply learning what you can about life (and death.)

In the game, Knowledge sims typically want to gain skillpoints, visit aliens, become werewolves -- most of the things other sims fear! Many knowledge sims even want to be saved from death. Knowledge sims are easily the handiest sims to have around the house, given their wide range of skills.
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Closely followed by grilled cheese.

Maxis_Taste Dare #23

Oh the color! Oh the font! It burns!

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Legacy Island - Generation One

This is just I little pic spam of the legacy-ish neighbourhood I'm playing.

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